Stine Ladefoged


Stine Ladefoged, 28. The Danish Design School, MA Textiles Graduate 2009

– Specialism: Fashion Womens Knitwear.


Design Background:

After high school I took different courses to improve my drawing and sewing skills. I went to Aahus Art Academy for one year, and I also took a sewing course where I learned pattern making and different sewing techniques.

In my fourth year at the Danish Design School I was an Intern at three different companies,,, I worked with knitwear in all the three internships.




Project title:

Narcissism is calling



In my final project I’ve been inspired by postmodern influences, especially postmodern architecture and the typical postmodern human being, who wants to be in the center of attention. I wanted to make showpieces with sculptural expressions and with focus on the detailing and techniques.




Describe your collection with three words?

Knitwear, sculptural, details.




What techniques did you use:

All my pieces are machine knitted, on three different types of knitting machines, CMS Stoll (gauge 12), brother KH 940 (gauge 6) and brother KH230 (gauge 3).

I’ve used techniques as jacquard, short row knitting, fully fashion, rib and plating. All the jacquard is knitted at the CMS Stoll, which is a computer controlled automatic machine, and the rest is knitted on the domestic brother machines.





Which garment was most difficult to make?

It was the black short dress with bobble details on shoulder and breast, because of the time consuming technique in the details and because I’ve knitted with two different yarns, and the thin, shiny yarn was very difficult and kept getting stuck in the machine. 




What made you pursue knitwear?

I think knitwear is fascinating because you make your own material and you can shape the knit in 3 dimensional forms without sewing and cutting. You can decide the volume of the texture and the quality by mixing and matching different yarns and techniques.


What designers inspire you?

I’m really inspired by Sandra Backlund.


Why did you choose The Danish Design School?

I chose DKDS because of its artistic view in design. Many other Danish design schools has more focus on the commercial market.




What did you think of the education?

I think the last two years was the best, that’s where you really find yourself in your design.


What advice would you give new students?

Find out early on what your main interests are, and follow your own gut feeling.


What are your plans for the future?

I would like to work at a company, to get more experience and better skills with knitwear. In the future I would also like to start my own label.




Will you be selling your collection?

If somebody wants to buy it….yes.


Contact info:

+45 2859 5312



Pictures from Copenhagen Fashion Week – the fashion graduate show from the Danish Design School:
2 Responses to “Stine Ladefoged”
  1. Per Rune Solberg says:

    Du viser imponerende design. Nydelige produkter!
    Jeg skulle ønske å vite om det er mulig å kjøpe dine kreasjoner noe sted i Norge, eller helst Bergen.
    Hører gjerne fra deg om dette!
    Hilsen Per Rune Solberg.

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