Signe Rand Ebbesen


Signe Rand Ebbesen, 27. The Danish Design School, 2. year project about woven textiles, 2009.

– department: Textiles.



I have not completely decided yet, but I think it could be in woven textiles.


Design Background: 

Before I started at DKDS I did some theater productions where I made costumes and props. I took some drawing lessons to practice before applying to the school.




Project title:

Metamorphose, a collection of eight woven textiles.



 The project was about communicating moods and stories in woven textiles. I looked for interesting structures in nature and found butterfly eggs and jellyfish. I wanted to capture and interpret the fragile and transparent feel.





Where do you get your inspiration from?

I often find my inspiration in nature and structures around me.


What do you find most difficult in the design process?

When it is time to make the final, crucial decisions and there is no turning back.




What techniques did you use:  

I did a lot of sketching directly on the loom. I made small samples and then digitally manipulated them to see how they would work if repeated. I wanted to have coherence in the collection so I worked on all eight pieces at the same time. I used both a digital and a conventional foot-treadle loom. For the knitting I used a Brother KH860.




To present the textiles I took some photographs with a macro lens, and I became very fascinated with the almost science fiction like scenery that appeared.




Which piece was most difficult to make?

 The one that looks like foam is woven of knitted strings made of super thin thread and therefore was very difficult to work with.





Which piece is your favorite?

I guess my favorite would be the turquoise with bubbles, because it is aesthetically successful, very usable and fun to photograph.




How long did you work on this project?

Six weeks.


What designers inspire you?

I very much like the works of the NUNO Corporation, and also designers like Clare Tough, Sandra Backlund and Eley Kishimoto.

What advice would you give new students?

Be open minded and curious.




Why do you want to be a designer?

I love the mixture of being creative and inventive.


Were can we find more information on you?


Contact info:



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