Pille Pernille Horst


Pille Pernille Horst, 30. Kolding School of Design, MA Fashion Graduate 2009.

– specialism: Fashion Womenswear & Accessories.


Design Background:

Skolen for Billedkunst 2002

Teko Grundkurses Århus 2001

Krabbesholm Højskole Spring 2000

Århus Kunstskole 1998


Project title:




Greta Molander (1908-2002) was a woman with petrol and champagne in her blood, her life was filled with rally (motor sports) and travelling. She jumped into her car in her boiler suit and on the journeys she fixed the car herself. Outside the car she was a social, colourful, fashionable lady with a lot of humor and joy of life.

This duplicity is a interesting connection of something very masculine and very feminine. Clothing and accessories is often very gender determined.

The life of Greta is quite fascinating as inspiration for a collection, because there is a opportunity to play with humor and the colours the loved so much.

The starting point is to tell the story about a fantastic lady through fashion accessories. To be able to use humor adn subtlety to play with expressions. To be able to tell my version of Greta’s life. That fashion accessories can be decorative objects. To be inspired by the fact that Greta wasn’t stopped by the standards of society in ther time. To use crafting skills like embroidery, crochet and patchwork; something old fashioned that take a long time to do, but has a fast reading time. To be able to use a ton of colours because Greta loved colours.





Describe your collection with three words?

Humor, colours, crafting.


What techniques did you use:

Crochet by hand and laser cutting.





Which garment was most difficult to make?

The style called Gretabag, because to find the right scale, perfect face embroidery and make it look stylish demanded a lot of work. But I really really like it myself!




Which garment took the longest to make?

The style called Splash, caused by all the drops made with crochet.




Which garment is your favorite?

Splash and drivers sleeping glasses.




Which technique is your favorite?

Right now it is crochet, because you can make everything with it!


How long did you work on this project?

From January to June (5 months).


Is there something you regret not doing in your collection?



What made you pursue Fashion Accessories?

I made this accessories collection because accessories rocks! You can go a little further with expressions in accessories than in a clothing collection.


Which designers inspire you?

Designers that use humor… and colours. Like Bernard Willhelm, JC Castel Bajac or Jeremy Scott.




Which designer would you like to work for in the future?

Bernard Willhelm, JC Castel Bajac, Jeremy Scott or Hot Friture. I would like to work with designers that dare do stuff I don’t dare!


Why did you choose The Design School Kolding?

I liked The Design School Kolding because of what I had heard about it. I liked that you get time to go very deep into the projects. I liked the designers that graduated from this school, and I still do!



What did you think of the education?

I was good, I really like being there, but you get bored in Kolding after a short while. The school is good, I like it even though there are things that could be much better. I think every design school has its ups and downs.


How were the School? Facilities? Teachers?

There’s plenty of space and machines. The students I graduated with was very nice, we had fun and used each other a great deal in our work process.


What advice would you give new students?

Go for it! Find a nice place to live and have fun with the other students! Make what makes you happy and dare to not always do what the teachers say!




Which fellow students would you like to highlight?

You should google Vigdis Johnsen and her new brand Hot Friture. They rocks! 

Mia Kappelgaard is a great designer, she makes stuff very different from me but she do her things so well!

Also Julia Berger from the textile department makes cool stuff!


What are your plans for the future?

Right now my plan is to get a job, get some experience in this big world of fashion, and to have fun with it!




Will you be selling your collection?

I will maybe set some of the collection into production, but I’m not sure yet. Everything is very open right now.


Contact info:


+45 23 34 32 92


One Response to “Pille Pernille Horst”
  1. e.rega says:

    I love the use of color–I think too many young designers shy away from color and humor. Has a great simple charm

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