Karen Segall

Karen Segall, 24. The Danish Design School, MA Visual Communication Graduate 2009.

– Focus:  On the mash-up between fashion and illustration (and other graphic elements) 

Design Background: 

I went to Art school when I was younger, and took one year at BGK – Billed Kunst Grundkursus (Art course).

At the Design School I took a 6 month internship at Helle Mardahl, where I made pieces for her exhibition at Apartment in Berlin, some of the art pieces ended in New York this spring. I learned to combine art and design, and mix my interest so fashion, illustration and art so the result ends up as a mash-up of ideas in the final product.



Project title:




My inspiration for this project came from a book by Angela Carter called “ A night at the circus”.

I used the idea of bricolage to work with and mix the characters from the book, to create my own illustrations and characters.

Therefore is the project my own inspiration in the book, and mash-up of those characters and elements the book visualize for me. The result shows illustrations, illustrations on clothes, digital print, booklets, art-pieces and items connected to the theme.




Describe your collection with three words?

Edgy, colourful, detailed



What techniques did you use: 

All items are handmade, illustrations on fabric is coloured up in aquarel, ink, tusch and crayon.

I tried to use classic drawing equipment, to make my illustrations and collages. And show these art pieces on fashion items so they can be looked at on the streets and not only hanging on the wall.

I have silkscreen printed on black tees with black lack flex so the illustrations only can be seen in a special light.




Which garment was most difficult to make? 

The items to my Photos, it took enormously time, and there are so many pieces and differences in the items. All the bits and pieces are handmade in many different methodizes.


What made you pursue Visual Communication?

The final result is all ways more interesting when there is contrast in materials and inspiration. I choose to do it like a mash-up, so I cold mix materials and inspiration, and therefore make bricolage over my entire project.



How long did you work on this project?

6 months


What designers inspire you?

Moonspoonsaloon, Hentik Vibskov, David Carson


Why did you choose the Danish Design School?

Just needed to do something and wanted to try something new. If I had been a bit older when I applied I might should have gone to another country. So it was like an accident.


How were the school? Facilities? Teachers? 

There is a lot of facilities, but the structure doesn’t work on the school. I is a bit chaotic. An if you want to learn something you have to figure it out by your self.


Have you ever been nominated or won a design competition? 

I was nominated for the scholarship at the end of the graduation procedure.



What are your plans for the future? 

I’m trying to earn enough money on my own firm, and has been hired to make AD jobs firm a jewelry firm, and will make my own stuff in between. Mostly art pieces and limited fashion items. And smaller assignments for other people.


Will you be selling your collection? 

You can find my stuff at Artrebels.com and in Rockstok design.


Contact info: 


+45 51298242


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