Levina Alisa Alexandrovna

Winter Dress

Levina Alisa Alexandrovna, 23. Central Saint Martins College of  Art & Design, BA (Hons.) Fashion Graduate 2009.

– specialism: Fashion Womenswear.


Design Background:

My first design experience was when I was very young and ‘worked’ alongside the fashion designer who created dresses for me (made to measure). I was the one to decide on fabric, buttons, colors though I was only 10-11 years old.


What was the most valuable you learned before starting at your education?

Magic happens.


Project title:

‘Celebration of life’.



I created my collection inspired my optimism, positivism, the Sun and believe in present moment.




Where do you get inspiration from in general?

Emotions, Mood, Books, Feelings, Traveling, Observing and Noticing ‘Beauty’.


How is your process when you design?

Making marks of my mood in the book-colors, drawings, sketches, forms and shapes; nothing finished, very open, atmospheric. Think of materials and techniques that can be applied. Then develop everything together into something more solid, though keeping an open mind all the way along.


What do you find most difficult about the design process?

The result is not always as enjoyable and ‘successful’ as the journey towards it.




What are your strenghts?

Creative, original, no fear to fail the final destination -very focused on enjoying the journey towards it and the learning curve.


What are your weaknesses?

Technical side should be stronger.


Describe your collection with three words?

Sun is Love.


What techniques did you use: 

I was ‘sculpting’ my collection from metal mesh, brass.


Which technique was the most difficult?

Working with metal was very challenging.


Do you have a technical or conceptual approach to designing?

I have an emotional approach to my design. It comes from my heart.


Which garment was most difficult to make? 

The Sun Dress was quite challenging as we tried to reach a circle shape and the metal was too heavy to keep it. As well as the dress was the widest and was an issue to sew it on the sewing machine. The Baptist Dress was a painful learning curve as well.


Sun Dress side


Which garment took the longest to make?

The Baptist Dress.




Which garment is your favorite?

The Sun Dress. The circle is very symbolic to me.


What technique is your favorite?

I enjoyed working with folds for my collection. It ended up looking very bold, the way I wanted.


How long did you work on this project?

Less than five months.


Is there something you regret not doing in your collection?

I did not compromise.


What made you pursue fashion?

I am in search for beauty in the widest sense. I believe fashion is a fantastic starting point for my journey.


What designers inspire you?

Issey Miyake.


Which designer would you like to work for in the future?

Issey Miyake.


Why did you choose Central Saint Martins?

Try not to go for the second best in my life.




What did you think of the education?

I am thankful to my school and to Howard, my tutor who make me believe that everything is possible.


During your education, which project has been your favorite?

The Muse project, which was about my inspiration. It was a design project that helped me to further open my mind to the approach possibilities (in design and decision making).


How were the school? Facilities? Teachers? 

I enjoyed the spirit that made me believe in the impossible.


Wind Dress side


What advice would you give new students?

Something that I learnt myself: you can do anything, and no matter what preserve Faith in yourself.


Which fellow students would you like to highlight? 

I would like to highlight a ‘Student from CSM’. For me it’s not an individual, it’s a term covering hard work, dedication and passion.


Why do you want to be a designer?

Because I dream to find Beauty.


Wedding Dress side


What was your childhood dream job?

An artist.


With one word, what is your best quality?



What are your plans for the future? 

Get involved with Fashion-Art projects (installations, exhibitions, performances), but before get some experience in Fashion, meet new people and travel.


If you have just finished your BA, will you continue to MA?

I shall see, probably not earlier than in couple of years, if ever.


Will you be selling your BA collection? 

I would like to. I can see it being sold for installation or for a window display or for a fashion exhibition rather than as wearable fashion items.


Were can we find more information on you?



Contact info: 



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