Mette Marie Krarup Bertelsen


 Mette Marie Krarup Bertelsen, 26. Kolding School of Design, 4th year Fashion Project 2009.

-specialism: Fashion Menswear/Unisex


Design Background: 

BA in fashion from Kolding School of Design – 2008

Internship at Danish designer Henrik Vibskov – 2008

Selected for the competition “The Golden Fur Pin” – 2008

Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole, Randers, DK – 2005

Århus Kunstakademi, DK – 2003/2004


What was the most valuable you learned before starting at your education?

That you can and should express yourself in a lot of different ways creatively. You don’t necessarily have to show your ideas on a nice drawing, there is no limit and no roles in designing!! 




Project title:




I was inspired by all kinds of broken tings. Things that you use every day and somehow brakes apart – a broken plate, a plastic bag without a handle, a sock or pocket with a hole in or a broken window. It’s the definitive thing that happens when a plate breaks that inspire me, but also the beginning of a new story when you fx. glue the plate back together again.

I also love the new aesthetics that appears, when something breaks and looses the originally look.




Where do you get inspiration from in general?

From life and people around me. I often find inspiration in different types of people. People who live or act a little different from the majority fascinates me. It’s fun and challengingly for me as a designer, trying to bring a part of their personality into the clothes.  




How is your process when you design?

At first I create a research base with all kinds of ideas, pictures, drawings and other objects that fascinates and inspire me. Then I throw away to find my focus. I love to do illustrations, so I use that as way to adapt my research materials. My final collection appears from my illustrations, my drawings and from textile samples.




What do you find most difficult about the design process?

To keep focus and navigate in my own design process.


Describe your collection with three words?

Knitwear, detailed, unisex.


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What techniques did you use: 

For this collection I mostly used different kinds of knitting techniques, mixed with other materials. The cardigans are knitted by hand on an old “Brother KH 860” knitting machine.


Which machines did you use to create your collection? 

I mostly used my “Brother KH 860” knitting machine, and a digital knitting machine. The pattern for the digital knitwear I created on my computer. 


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Which technique was the most difficult? 

This project was my first knitting project, so I had to learn all the basic knitting techniques from scratch, and explore new ones at the same time. It was challenging but a lot of fun!!


Do you have a technical or conceptual approach to designing?

I try to combine the two, otherwise I believe it would be boring. But building up a concept helps me to maintain focus in my process.


Which garment was most difficult to make? 

The most difficult garment to make must be the big knitted cardigan with all the layers and “toned-out” colours. The cardigan is knitted by hand on the machine, and it was a bit difficult to maintain the shape of the cardigan while making all the different layers at the same time.




Which garment took the longest to make?

It must be the black cardigan with all the leather fringes. All the fringes are cut out from a big piece of leather, and knitted into the cardigan. I had to make a small cut in every fringe, so that the small needles on the knitting machine could catch the leather fringe. It took a lot of time!!   


Which garment is your favorite?

My favorite?? It’s difficult, but it must be the black cardigan with all the leather fringes. It has its own life when it is worn.




What technique is your favorite?

I really love to try out and develop new kinds of knitting techniques. In this collection I tried to knit with a lot of different materials, and combine it with   classic knitting techniques.    


How long did you work on this project?

From March 2009 – June 2009 – about four months.


Is there something you regret not doing in your collection?

So many ideas, but so little time – I save it for my next project.


What designers inspire you?

There is many, but to mention some of them: Bernhard Willhelm, Ann Demeulemeester, Viktor&Rolf, Henrik Vibskov and danish designer Hans Christian Madsen.


Which designer would you like to work for in the future?

The list is endless.


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What advice would you give new students?

Do what feels right, and believe in yourself!!


Which fellow students would you like to highlight?

You should definitely take notice of Linda Gunnarsson. She is a great and very visionary designer, who works a lot with the shape of the clothes.  

Also Anja Merete Larsen is worth keeping an eye on. She uses a lot of textile techniques that brings great life to her collections.

You should also look for Maria Kamper. She is a fashion designer with  specialism in knitwear. She has a great imagination in her use of different materials, techniques and shape of her clothes. It makes her look very interesting and unique.

You can see both Linda Gunnarsson and Anja Merete Larsen next summer at Copenhagen Fashion Week ss/2011, at the Kolding School of Design Fashion show. More information will come.

Maria Kamper is continuing her studies at The Royal College of Art, London. You should keep an eye on her!!


Have you ever been nominated or won a design competition? 

I was selected for the competition “The Golden Fur Pin” in 2008.

Sadly I didn’t win.


What are your plans for the future? 

First I have my final year at Kolding School of Design, and after that I hope to get at job that continues to develop my designing skills.


Will you be selling your project collection? 

I have sold some accessories from this collection, but only things such as suspenders and necklaces. If there is a demand for some of the garments, I will consider to have it produced, but it’s not my plan. 




Were can we find more information on you?

Come and see the graduation show from Kolding School of Design next year at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS/2011.

I’m also working on a new webpage that will be released very soon.



Contact info: 


Phone: +45 60379035



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  1. jenifersult says:

    Wonderful texture, gorgeous design, very nicely done.

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