Vigdis Johnsen


Vigdis Johnsen, 26. Kolding School of Design, MA FAshion Graduate 2009.

 – specialism: Fashion Womens- and Menswear (Unisexy clothing with a touch of humor).





Project title:

The Dating Collection



My graduate collection is made for, and in collaboration with Hot Friture. This is Hot Fritures’ first collection, and therefore I choose to incorporate some of the brand’s visual identity in to the project.

The main inspiration however, has been 7 different stereotypes.




Where do you get inspiration from in general?

From people, my everyday life and stupid clichés.



When creating my concepts, I often use different methods of storytelling, as a mean to develop and verbalize my ideas. This is not always apparent in the end-result, but an important part of my working process.


What do you find most difficult about the design process?

Taking all those difficult decisions…




Describe your collection with three words?

Uncompromising, serious fun!


What techniques did you use: 

Hand knitting, pleating and digital print.




Do you have a technical or conceptual approach to designing?



Which garment was most difficult to make? 

The wedding dress… First of all it took a long time to design such a tasteful dress. Then, when I was finally satisfied with idea and design, the execution was also extremely time consuming. It took forever to make just one layer of the cake, and the dress consists of three layers, glazed icing, flowers, decorations and a welded construction.


Which garment took the longest to make?

The wedding dress.




Which garment is your favorite?

The Geek gets 10 points out of 10.


How long did you work on this project?

6 months.




Is there something you regret not doing in your collection?

There are always things that could have been done better or differently, and you can always do more. At the same time, there is nothing I regret not doing. My choices have been very conscious throughout, and what I haven’t done now, I can do later.




Who inspire you?

My grandmother and her fantastic knitwear, Tim Burton, John Galliano and my fellow co-workers in the Hot Friture pot. 


During your education, which project has been your favorite?

My final project, The dating collection!!


Which fellow students would you like to highlight?

I think everybody should take a tour on Designskolen Koldings homepage, and look at the different projects from this years graduating students. Having said that, I would like to highlight Christel Thue Høgsted, her collection is exciting, and she has this drive that is needed and admirable.




What was your childhood dream job?

Until the second year at Designskolen Kolding my dream was to become an actress with beautiful skin, a starlet smile and fancy clothes…


Have you ever been nominated or won a design competition? 

I have participated twice in Designers Nest, with my fourth year collection, and my 9th semester collection.

In 2008 I won EUROWOMANS’ reader poll on “new design faces” with my fourth year collection.

In 2006, I became second runner-up, in a design competition hosted by the Danish newspaper Politiken, for their collection NON (Not Only Newspaper). This was a collaboration with graphic designer Mads Svindt.




What are your plans for the future? 

I will work with Hot Friture until we have reached our goals, or until I can’t offer more interesting designs for the brand. I will also wait for Tim Burton to call and ask me to contribute in one of his movie productions.


Will you be selling your MA collection? 

Part of the collection will be for sale from March 2010.




Were can we find more information on you?


Contact info:



3 Responses to “Vigdis Johnsen”
  1. jenifersult says:

    This is wonderful, love the horse dress.

  2. pia says:

    hej Vigdis.
    du er min yndlings Designer ❤
    du er for fed ❤

    XoXo pia ❤ elleslettegård

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