Nina Born

Nina Born, 24. Kolding School of Design, 4th year project 2010.

– specialism: Print & Mixed Media.

Project title:

“Djengis Khan and the African lion”- the folklore project.


The project takes its inspiration from African and Mongolian folklore. The main focus of the project is an examination and adaptation of different historical textile techniques that are reworked into modern and artistic expressions. With this approach this project is more abstract and conceptual compared to more traditional tailored and fashion oriented clothing projects.

Through the inspiration from African and Mongolian cultures this project has also worked to examine the inherent prerequisites that the clothing of these traditional cultures possessed – in particularly the need for reflecting status and clout while also serving practical functions such as being adapted to climatic conditions and serving as protection against enemies.

Where do you get inspiration from in general?

I often take inspiration from history . Either from a historical person, a certain phenomenon – or a cultural concept.

What are your strenghts?

I´m a bit of a perfectionist and therefor also very determined. When i decide to achieve a certain look I always do what ever it takes to complete my idea.

What are your weaknesses?

That I´m sometimes too determinate and misjudge the time I have to achive the goals i want.

Describe your collection with three words?

naive, detailed, tactile.

What techniques did you use:

digital print, quilting, pompons, fringes, digital knit, embroidery, folding, wrapping, foil print and screen print.

Which machines did you use to create your collection?

An old sewing machine, digital printer and a digital knitting machine.

Which garment was most difficult to make?

The black and white quilted skull jacket since I first had to machine quilt it and then quilt it by hand afterwards.

Which garment took the longest to make?

The orange amour trousers took forever because every little form was attached by hand after getting cutted, sewn and steamed.

Which garment is your favorite?

The quilted skull jacket is one of my favorite styles because the form of the jacket it so simple but the quilting makes it look more geometric and abstract.

What technique is your favorite?

I love embroidery since it´s like collaring with yarns and you can freestyle directly on the fabric with a wide range of colors.

How long did you work on this project?

1 1/2 month.

Is there something you regret not doing in your collection?

I always have hundreds of ideas i would like to do, but  i guess I never have enough time.

During your education, which project has been your favorite?

My BA project “Sinner” concerning the 7 cardinal sins was made in a collaboration with Siff Pristed Nielsen and it means a lot to me since it was my first big project at Kolding School of Design. It´s also featured on this blog so check it out.

What advice would you give new students?

Stay focused while having fun.

Which fellow students would you like to highlight?

I would like to highlight one of my fellow students from the fashion program named Benedicte Holmboe. She always has a very conceptual, edgy and intelligent approach to her work and she made the most beautiful BA project taking inspiration from Princess Diana.

Were can we find more information on you?

Im working hard on getting my website up and running right now.

Contact info:

5 Responses to “Nina Born”
  1. JuliAni says:

    WOW! She’s just amazing! I just love her project, those shapes, colors, techniques. Great. Great. Great.

  2. Wombat says:

    WOW! This is just some amazing work! Good job! =) Love the skull jacket!

  3. riotyarn says:

    Love it.

  4. Carole says:

    So much talent 🙂
    A great source of inspiration!

  5. Marie says:

    Så smukt og meget inspirerende.

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