Louise Langkilde Larsen

Louise Langkilde Larsen, 28. Royal College of Art, Fashion Graduate 2009.

– specialism: Fashion Womenswear

Design Background:

I started my studies at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark, completing a BA in Fashion. While I was there I interned at Mal Sirrah in New York and at Costume National in Milan leading up to the Paris shows.

After that I moved to London and completed a MA in Fashion Womenswear at the Royal College of Art, graduating last year.

After graduating I interned at Richard Nicoll leading up to his SS10 show. I also exhibited part of my graduate collection during London Fashion week.

Now I am freelancing and working on some personal projects, including an exhibition of my illustrations. And Im currently freelancing for Jens Laugesen.

Project title:

“The Lady is loosing balance and the Mailman thinks she is popular”


I based my MA collection on an illustration I made using images collected in various cities. The illustration is called “The Lady is loosing balance and the Mailman thinks she is popular”.

I like to explore how the combination of images can create meanings and stories that are not there to begin with. I work in a very intuitive way, trying to build an atmosphere within my work. I find that too much thought can make the outcome feel forced and overworked.

For this project I was drawn to the absurd. From a pair of legs sticking out of a trashcan in New York to an elephant balancing on it’s trunk in Daniel Firman’s installation at Palais de Tokyo’s Superdome exhibition in Paris.

I was also interested in envelopes. Their simple beauty and utility, and the way they evoke feelings of anticipation and excitement. If you look carefully you will find the shape of an envelope is blended into the garments, with a layer of caviar beads representing the glue. This is also mirrored in the beaded collars.

The use of collage in my illustration led to an emphasis on texture in the final garments. This translated into the use of beading, layering, and different fabrics and colours.

I also used a garment construction technique where elements are connected in only small areas. This gives the garments a sense of movement and refers back to her loosing balance.

Where do you get inspiration from in general?

Traveling, books, and my surroundings.

How is your process when you design?

I like to collect images and combine them in illustrations. like described above. But I try to vary my approach; also a draped collection with the inspiration in a simple shape can be interesting.

What do you find most difficult about the design process?

Sometimes to limit my ideas,.. there are so many possibilities…

What are your strengths?

To generate ideas, meeting deadlines, my technical skills, to look critical on my own work.

What are your weaknesses?

Icecream. Sometimes I am to focused on the details…

Describe your collection with three words?

Feminine, quirky and elegant.

What techniques did you use:

Beading, weaving, digital print, tailoring, drawing, draping. I was sponsored by Vanners who helped me create a bespoke Jacquard weave.

Which machines did you use to create your collection?

Industrial sewing machines.

Which technique was the most difficult?

Sewing some of my pockets, this was a advance jetted pocket….

Do you have a technical or conceptual approach to designing?

My approach is quite abstract and closely related to feelings and emotions.

Which garment was most difficult to make?

My  trench coat. The cut is very complex and I needed Vanners to deliver my bespoke jacquard weave in time. This collaboration really opened my eyes to what you can do with a jacquard. I hope I get the chance to work with Vanners again. The technicians at RCA were also great. I couldn’t have done it without them.

What technique is your favorite?

Draping and tailoring. I also enjoyed creating woven and digitally printed textiles based on my drawings.

How long did you work on this project?

First 5 months with a pre collection, and then 6 months with final collection.

Is there something you regret not doing in your collection?

I would have liked to do more outfits..

What designers inspire you?

My friends, also Julie Verhoeven, Hussein Chalayan, Richard Nicoll, C-neeon, Burberry,….

Why did you choose Royal College of Art?

A friends recommendation. I also wanted to live in London. To have a new challenge and to be inspired by a new city.

What did you think of the education?

It is very good; a real challenge and also a lot of hard work…

How were the school? Facilities? Teachers?

A great environment, with good staff and great fellow students. Good facilities.

What advice would you give new students?

Just enjoy your time.

Which fellow students would you like to highlight?

There are many to look for!!, some would be Vibe Lundemark, Johanne Andersen, or Rachael Barrett.

With one word, what is your best quality?

My imagination.

What have you been doing since graduating?

Interning, exhibition, freelancing.

Have you been offered a job?

Freelance work, and I am currently interviewing for full time jobs.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently looking for full-time work. Would like to start my own label in the future.

Will you be selling your MA collection?

I am considering selling from my collection.

Where can we find more information on you?




stand by me

Contact info:



0044 (0)79 88899066

0045 26271268


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