This blog focuses on upcoming designers, graduates and design students work. Mostly the blog will follow Scandinavian and European designers in the making.

It is the blog purpose to reveal something about the design process and to give insight to how designers work. The blog is intended to follow both graduates BA and MA but also students work along the way. It is the blog purpose to show a diverse selection of work and projects to the world. All projects that has some connection to textiles are welcome! It could be interior, fashion or accessories etc. This blog is not a fashion-style blog! The blog does not focus on trends but on techniques and crafts.

It is vital for the blog that the designers are aware of the purpose of this blog and that they try to give as much information via the questions asked.

I’ve gotten the idea to start an interview blog through Jennifer Jarvis and her fantastic blog knitkicks.wordpress.com.

I myself am studying at the Danish Design School, where I currently am about to start my 3. year at the textile department. I felt like there was something missing at my own design school and on the Internet in general where the works of design students could go on “display”. To get a more in depth understanding of the process of designing and to open the public eyes for the great talent leaving the design schools today.

So I hope you will enjoy reading about different designers and their projects!

Ditte Lerche

-wanna know more about me?  visit: dittelerche.wordpress.com or dittelerche.com

If you want to summit your own work or know someone who you think would be perfect for this blog, please do not hesitate to send me an email at spotontextiles@gmail.com. Thanks!

IRINA SHAPOSHNIKOVA ‘Vivian Girls’ – Third year project at Antwerp Fashion Department in 2008.

2 Responses to “About”
  1. Hi Ditte!

    It was a nice surprice to see one of my pictures of my bachelor collection from the Danish Designschool at your blogg. I love it and I´m going to keep a close eye on your blogg. Thanks!
    Mvh Denice Rydenfors

  2. Hi Ditte,

    I hope you got my invitation for the London Fashion Week at 40 Winks ‘pop-up Showroom’! Thanks for all your help and also please do have a look at the finalized list of our designers:


    All the best,

    Jonathan Björkman

    40 WINKS
    Tel: 0207 790 0259
    Email: info@40winks.org

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