Stine Linnemann

My main inspiration for this project was a number of photos I took of worn down urban environment. I also had a variety of materials that inspired me indirectly: VHS tape, tinfoil, pill package, etc. I quickly learned that my traditional way of sketching wasn’t much good and it was a time of experimenting and learning-by-doing at the looms.


Disa Treutiger

Disa Treutiger, 24. Beckmans College of Fashion, 2. year knitwear project 2009. – specialism: Fashion Design Background: I started when I was 14 years old making clothes for a fashion show to raise money for my class travelling funds, I started calling up Swedish designers that I admire and asked if I could be an … Continue reading

Trine Kristoffersen & Tine Winther Rysgaard

Tine Winther Rysgaard og Trine Kristoffersen. The Danish Design School, 2 year project for Innovating Sustainable Fashion Competition 2009. – specialism: Fashion Womenswear and Knitwear.     Project title: Totems     Inspiration: The Cactus, The Bear, and The Mountain is an ecological knitwear collection inspired by limit challenging youthful curiosity, taking visual cues from … Continue reading

Josefin Arnell

Josefin Arnell, 25. Beckmans College of Design, Second year knitting project 2009. – specialism: Fashion Design.     Design Background:  Before I started at Beckmans I went to different preparing schools where I did art, textile and fashion. One in England and 2 in Sweden. I can recommend Steneby located in the Swedish woods, best … Continue reading

Signe Rand Ebbesen

Signe Rand Ebbesen, 27. The Danish Design School, 2. year project about woven textiles, 2009. – department: Textiles.   Specialism: I have not completely decided yet, but I think it could be in woven textiles.   Design Background:  Before I started at DKDS I did some theater productions where I made costumes and props. I … Continue reading

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