Louise Ravnløkke

The project is an exposition of the Romanian folklore. The inspiration comes from the traditional Romanian costume and is put into a modern context. My focus has been on the details and the contrasts, in the rich history of the country, which is build on a number of traditional handcrafts and the beauty and possibilities of the nature.


Nina Born

The project takes its inspiration from African and Mongolian folklore. The main focus of the project is an examination and adaptation of different historical textile techniques that are reworked into modern and artistic expressions. With this approach this project is more abstract and conceptual compared to more traditional tailored and fashion oriented clothing projects.

Through the inspiration from African and Mongolian cultures this project has also worked to examine the inherent prerequisites that the clothing of these traditional cultures possessed – in particularly the need for reflecting status and clout while also serving practical functions such as being adapted to climatic conditions and serving as protection against enemies.

Magnhild Disington

The project can bee seen as a continuity of my MA project Deviated Evolution where I worked with the relationship between humans and their portable electronics, and the lack of emotional appeal these products provide. I was experimenting with how materials can evoke an emotional connection to a electronic device, and how this emotional value could persuade people to hold on to their electronic devices for more than a period of say- six months.

Nina Born & Siff Pristed Nielsen

Nina Born and Siff Pristed Nielsen, 24. Kolding School of Design, BA Textiles Graduates 2009. -specialism: Print (Nina) and Knit (Siff)   Project title:  Sinner Inspiration:  We took inspiration from the 7 deadly sins (Wrath, sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, envy and pride). Both from a historical point of view and also by pursuing the sins … Continue reading

Betina Møller

Betina Møller, 27. Kolding School of Design, Fourth year project, spring 2009 (Expected MA Fashion Graduate 2010) -specialism: Fashion Womenswear   Design Background: Before starting my education at Kolding School of Design, I took courses at The Animation Workshop, the Drawing Academy, Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole and Skals Håndarbejdsskole. During my time at Kolding Design School I’ve done … Continue reading

Vigdis Johnsen

Vigdis Johnsen, 26. Kolding School of Design, MA FAshion Graduate 2009.  – specialism: Fashion Womens- and Menswear (Unisexy clothing with a touch of humor).       Project title: The Dating Collection   Inspiration: My graduate collection is made for, and in collaboration with Hot Friture. This is Hot Fritures’ first collection, and therefore I choose … Continue reading

Mette Marie Krarup Bertelsen

 Mette Marie Krarup Bertelsen, 26. Kolding School of Design, 4th year Fashion Project 2009. -specialism: Fashion Menswear/Unisex   Design Background:  BA in fashion from Kolding School of Design – 2008 Internship at Danish designer Henrik Vibskov – 2008 Selected for the competition “The Golden Fur Pin” – 2008 Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole, Randers, DK – 2005 … Continue reading

Mia Kappelgaard

Mia Kappelgaard, 31. Kolding School of Design, MA Fashion Graduate 2009. – specialism: Fashion Womenswear.   Design Background: Before starting my education at Kolding School of Design I took a 2 year private course to find out what fashion was all about and to prepair myself. Through my time at Kolding I’ve done company cooperation with … Continue reading

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